What's in a name?

So really, what is in a name? Can a name really define you or do you define your name? Imagine a world where we can pick our names. Some may argue we do, while others may be so inclined to do so for themselves later in life. I have been lucky enough to be given not just a name of strength, but also a name that has become a name of magic. My birth name differs quite a bit from the name I go by in a spiritual setting. And honestly, that transition happened quite naturally. Is never once asked anyone to start calling me Ponchi, (pronounced most commonly as Pawn-Chee) but once I started my product line under the name Ponchi's Potion, it just kinda happened. Ponchi is and always has been just as much my name as the name given to me on my birth certificate. It is a name I have been called since birth by my father. It is a name wrapped in nostalgia and love. But I am not taking anything away from my birth given name. That too is a name so thought out and special. A name that much like Ponchi represents a legacy. My mom knew far before she ever had me that my name would be KayLynn. My name represents three generations wrapped up in one. That of my mother, her father, and her mother. My Mom had chosen the middle names of my grandma, Kay as well as herself and my grandpa, Lynn. And smushed them together to make my name. I have always felt so special in knowing that my name represented 3 of the very people who made my existence possible. And now that I am older I can see just how much magic and legacy is connected to the name Ponchi as well. My dad's father, my grandpa was in my eyes pure magic. I may not have understood just how true that was while he was alive, but I definitely put the pieces together since. He also adapted a name much like myself. And his too began with the letter P. And as I learned when I got older his mother, my great grandma, also adapted a P name. And she was also, pure magic. She was a well know healer in Puerto Rico. So whether you call me by KayLynn or Ponchi know that you're not just recognizing me but those that came before me. And I am proud to be known by whichever you want to call me.


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