Tarot & Other  Services


I'm am currently focusing my attention on Virtual Readings. No time slot is needed for these as I don't need to do them live with you for it to be accurate. Due to the way I channel my messages for readings I do prefer digital readings be done via voice messages and photos of the cards. I find this works best for me and also allows you to refer back to the reading later. A benefit missed when doing video chat or phone readings. If you are looking to book a reading you may message me via my Instagram page or send a text to the phone number found on my Contact page. Those are the fastest ways to reach me.

Other  Services

*Due To Covid I Am Suspending All In House Services *

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

**Rates may vary based on services rendered.**

  • House Cleansing/Clearing/Blessing starting at $80**

  •  House Walk-through starting at $60

  • Reiki starting at $20

  • Custom Spellwork starting at $40

  • Photo Readings (wax readings, eye reading, energy reading) starting at $10

  • Tarot Reading $40

  • Totem Card Reading (via voice message) $70

  • Heart Chakra Reading (via voice message) $40

It is important to know that before doing any commissioned spell-work I must preform a reading to assure the work is needed. 

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